Our 7 Favourite Pies for British Pie Week

Our 7 Favourite Pies for British Pie Week - Keep Things Personal

Four And Twenty Blackbirds Baked In A Pie.

From the 1st to 7th March it is British Pie week in the UK. This means you have 7 days to fill your life with all the buttery pastry or mashed potato goodness that you can take. But do you know where the pie came from? We were surprised! Historians believe that the first incarnation of the pie, as we know it, can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and was later mentioned by the Ancient Greeks where the first reference to a specific pastry chef was noted. So, it’s fair to say, the pie has been around a while and with reincarnations still coming round (get it, Ancient Egypt, reincarnations, well we thought it was funny!) we can’t see the pie disappearing anytime soon. So for seven days of pie praise here are 7 of our favourite pie recipes to tantalise your taste buds.

The Traditional One – Mary Berry’s Steak and Guinness Pie
It is possibly controversial to call any pie the King of pies but surely if any pie is, it’s the steak and ale? And how do you elevate a steak and ale pie? You combine Mary Berry with Guinness and you are guaranteed satisfaction. Take a look at this recipe on the Sainsburys website.

The Healthy One – Joe Wick’s Chicken Pie
Pie’s can be fairly calorific and if they aren’t, the chances are that they don’t always taste that great. In steps The Body Coach with his answer to a healthier pie for those of us that want to be more sensible.

The Farm One – Gordon Ramsey’s Shepherds Pie
Not a bit of pastry in sight but there is plenty of soft fluffy mash. And remember Shepherds Pie is lamb (hence Shepherd) and Cottage Pie is beef, beyond that most of the ingredients are the same!

The Sea One – Rick Stein’s Seafood Gratin
While we are on the subject of mashed potato we really should not neglect the humble fish pie. Although when you bring Rick Stein to a fish recipe you know it’s going to be a lot more special and this gratin top provides the next level of pie topping.

The American One – Nigella Lawson’s Apple Pie
We can’t keep to all savoury and the American’s are known for their apple pies. Nigella Lawson reimagines a Martha Stewart recipe for her UK audience and we can’t get enough. The question is, ice cream or custard?

The Exotic One – Paul Hollywood’s Moroccan Style Pie
Moving away from the traditional, if you are a fan of the spices of North Africa this flakey offering from Paul Hollywood is perfect for you. Full of delicious cinnamon, ginger and pomegranate cosying up to juicy chicken thighs.

The Veggie One – Jamie Oliver’s Summer Veg Blanket Pie
If you are craving the summer sunshine and craving less meat then Jamie Oliver has a pie for you. Every vegetable in the summer has been tucked away into this tasty little treat.

Found a pie you like the sound of? Then why not give it a go and let us know how you get on. And if you are in need of something to help mix all those ingredients together take a look at our fabulous Mason Cash Mixing Bowl.



7 favourite pies for British Pie Week

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