Did you know the ‘picnic’ was invented in the 17th Century?

Did you know the ‘picnic’ was invented in the 17th Century? - Keep Things Personal

Originating in France ‘picnic’ comes from the French word ‘picque-nique’

Even all those centuries ago, people still came together in a social setting with each person bringing a dish to share. This leisurely style of eating quite simply means ‘pick at your food’ to ‘to pick’.

It wasn’t until the early 20th century did the picnic become popular in England. The development of new modes of transport such as trains, bicycles and cars allowed many more people to travel to the countryside or beaches and created a social change in the way we spent our free time. With Victorian values firmly in place the innocence of picnics was born. Nowadays, olives, dips, quiche and sparkling chilled white wine are more likely to be found in a picnic basket than cold tongue, cress sandwiches and warm ginger beer. 

Before long, picnic popularity had grown to such a high level that specialist picnic baskets were being manufactured to meet growing demand. Kenneth Grahame’s 1908 classic book Wind in the Willows reflects this change in modern society writing “after messing around in boats all morning, Mole begins to get hungry and can’t help asking Ratty what is in the wicker luncheon basket stowed beneath the seat.” This wonderful book is a great read whilst relaxing on your picnic blanket, with a full belly under a shady tree. If you haven’t read it, we highly recommend you do; you can’t help falling in the love with the characters as they go on their adventures together.

Since the publication of Grahame’s classic tale, picnics have evolved once more and are far more relaxed, well equipped and a regular social norm for many and that’s why here at Keep Things Personal, we are so excited about our 2 Person Grey Checked Filled Wicker Picnic Basket. Gone are the days of plastic food containers and ill-matching plastic plates and cutlery, we can now offer you a truly beautiful, traditional fitted wicker picnic hamper for 2 people. This amazing wicker picnic hamper contains 2 x 7” porcelain plates, 2 x acrylic wine glasses, 2 x white handled knives, forks and spoons and that all important bottle opener for that bottle of chilled plonk – which is chilled to perfection through its own genius internal chiller, all you need to think about is what to put in your picnic basket!

This stunning hamper design is 300 x 300 x 190mm in size and has a pleasing grey and white check lining and the grey leather straps to finish the look; a personalised wooden tag is also attached which makes a great place for an engraved personalised message for any birthday, anniversary, engagement and wedding present…or even to keep as a treat for yourself!

Take a look at our wonderful picnic hamper here and order before they sell out this summer! https://keepthingspersonal.com/collections/personalised-picnic-range/products/2-person-grey-check-filled-wicker-picnic-hamper

So, ‘pick at your food’ in style the summer with our great wicker picnic baskets!

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