Help your child adjust to the dark with a personalised night light

Help your child adjust to the dark with a personalised night light - Keep Things Personal

Beautiful night lights to promote peaceful sleep....

Fear of the dark for children is not uncommon. Some start out well as babies in their cots, and into toddler stage but for pre-schoolers being fearful of the dark can become a real issue. Some children are placated by a dummy, a comfort blanket or a parent, but as adults, we know that there is nothing scary lurking under the bed, but for a child, these thoughts could be conjured up by a story, a dream, something they have seen on TV or conversations with their peers; we have to remember that children have the most creative imaginations!


Fear is a normal emotion and forms part of our genetic make-up to ensure we have the fight or flight survival skills needed, children don’t know this yet and fear for them translates into whatever they make of it.


If you are concerned about your child’s fear of the dark, its affect on their sleep (and yours) or the fight-time routine trying to get them into bed, then there are some ways to help them through this:

Talk about it – have a gentle conversation about it, ask your child to draw a picture and demystify the fear as much as possible.


It’s not silly – be understanding; don’t dismiss their feelings as nonsense, they don’t need a feeling of guilt on top of fear.

Give your child the boost they need at bedtime by empowering them with knowledge and support - by giving your child the tools to tackle their fears through discussion and your presence, they will soon build on their sense of self-esteem and ability to cope. And if they need a little more help, there is nothing wrong with providing them with a softly lit night light to soothe them to sleep. You can make this extra special by having their name added to the night light, so they know it is specifically for them to help them keep the monsters at bay and get a great night’s sleep.


We have a lovely selection of night lights for children including Flopsy Bunny, Peter Rabbit, floral monogram, dinosaur and star lights; they can all be personalised and make a great comforting feature to the child’s room as well as super gifts for birthdays or other special occasions; these can be enjoyed by the sleep strugglers and the kids who love their kip!


And we haven’t left the adults out either – once the children are finally in bed, we have some lovely ‘bar’ side lights that put the ideal finishing touch to any home bar or drinks trolley. Standing on its own wooden base, it has an LED light strip inside which illuminates the design and the personalised name. Powered through a USB plug (not supplied), this lovely side light presents a soothing glow once turned on. We can even engrave the wooden base with a special date or message to make it even more personalised so this makes a great gift too!

Take a look at our lovely range of lights here:


Sweet dreams!

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