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Entertain your Pooch - Keep Things Personal

Lockdown may be easing but there are lots of us still working from home for a while if not permanently (if your company has now changed the way that it works.) If you were someone that decided to expand your family with a dog we have some fabulous ideas to keep them occupied while you work away.

For the chewer:

Fill a dog toy such as a Kong, or an old bone with a low palm oil peanut butter and pop it in the freezer over night. As well as it being great for keeping your furbaby cool in the summer it’s also great for easing any teething for younger dogs or for dogs who love to chew different textures. Rather not add to the calories consumed every day? Take a knot toy and place that in the freezer, it will still ease the chewing.

For the inquisitive one:

Grab a muffin tin, fill select chambers with snacks but not all of them and cover every muffin area with a tennis ball. Your pup will have to figure out which tennis ball needs to be removed to get to their treat, check out the youtube video below!

For the fashionista:

Got some old clothes lying around that need throwing away? Don’t do it! Cut the material into strips and tie into knots to make a great tug toy and chew.

For the Sherlock Holmes:

Create a scavenger hunt! If your dog is kept in an area you don’t mind them exploring in why not hide treats. Put them behind things, under things and amongst their toys but as you leave the house provide them with one of the treats when you start so they know what they are looking for.

For the licker:

Nearly at the end of that plastic peanut butter jar or have a plastic jar that you are about to throw out? Give it to your pooch. Either let them clean out the peanut butter jar or swirl a little bacon grease or similar on the bottom to encourage them to find the spot to lick clean. Remember though, be aware of size compared to your dog, you don’t want any stuck snouts!


Do you have any more tips you could share with our community? We would love to hear from you so we can share. And if you are looking to spoil your pet take a look at our range of pet gifts and essentials.

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