Is it good to sleep with a night light?

Is it good to sleep with a night light? - Keep Things Personal

Having a night light in your child’s bedroom can be a great source of comfort especially for children who have trouble drifting off to sleep because they are afraid of the dark or scared of any monsters lurking under the bed. Their conscious mind doesn’t generally experience night time anxiety until 24-36 months and if your little one is younger, the chances are he/she probably won't be able to imagine or even understand the concept of fear yet.

Parents will often put a night light in the room to help with late night feeds or nappy changes and the child will get used to having one, as it something that has always been present and part of their night-time routine. 

The best lights to use are ones that provide just enough light for comfort and is soothing but doesn't light up the room too harshly. Sleeping in a bright room may disrupt your toddler's natural sleeping pattern. 

Here at Keep Things Personal, we are very excited about our latest kids range product – our personalised night light. 

Featuring beautiful designs including of troublesome Peter Rabbit himself and his well-behaved sister Flopsy who likes to stay out of trouble, unlike naughty Peter! 

Perfect for every small child’s bedroom, this beautiful night light has an acrylic top lasered with a choice of 4 different designs featuring Peter and Flopsy from the timeless classic Tales of Peter Rabbit. Mounted on its own wooden base, it has an LED light strip inside which illuminates the design and the personalised name. Powered through a USB plug, this lovely night ligt presents a soothing glow to enhance restful sleep once illuminated.

Take a look at our night light range here:


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Sweet dreams and stay out of Mr McGregor’s garden!

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