Keep Things Personal are big fans of National Pet Month!

Keep Things Personal are big fans of National Pet Month! - Keep Things Personal

National Pet Month has been going for over 25 years! It used to be National Pet Week, but there has been a massive rise in pet ownership in the UK so we now dedicate the whole month of April to our fur-babies.

National Pet Month celebrates our four legged friends and raises much-needed awareness of responsible and safe pet ownership, delivered through educational campaigns and access to other resources. It promotes positive pet ownership and the many benefits of having a pet in our lives in the UK. National Pet Month celebrates pet stories which are shared from fundraisers, pet welfare organisations and animal charities.

The aims of National Pet Month are to:

Promote responsible pet ownership

Raise awareness of the mutual benefits of living with pets

Increase awareness of pet care specialists and their roles

Raise awareness of the value of assistance companion animals

Encourage fundraising to support animal welfare charities and organisations

Valentine’s Day this year has been and gone, but did you know that 28% of British women would rather spend February 14th with their cat than their partner, admitting they love their cat more than their other half?!

This is all down to a recent survey by IAMS pet food brand which identified that these women prefer their feline family because of the unconditional love they provide and giving better cuddles…also there are less arguments! Not forgetting our dog lovers: 34% would choose their dog over their other half.

Pet ownership is big business. British owners spend almost £8bn of our four legged friends but love isn’t always instant, especially when it comes to cats. Cat expert, Naomi Opalinska, says that “Humans can fall in love at first sight with their cats, but cats may take time to fall in love with their owner. Cats need to be nurtured so that they feel secure in their environment. It’s important to let your cat get to know you in their own time. How they show you love will also very much depend on their unique personality and how well they’ve been socialised from a kitten.”

Canine companions are very different says Behavioural Specialist Mandy Daveridge, “Dogs are quite forthcoming when it comes to showing their love. They’ll want to spend time with someone they are fond of, will get very excited when they see them and look for ways to initiate play. With puppies, they will look for a replacement mother who can feed and care for them and that’s why you’ll notice your new arrival following you around the house a lot. With rescue dogs, they’re likely to be much more nervous as their experiences may show them not all humans are willing to provide for them in the right way, and so it’s important to build up their trust over time.”

Nonetheless, the bond between pet and owner is one that should be cherished. By looking after our pets and giving them unconditional love and affection, regular walks and a good diet, we can enjoy many happy and healthy years together. So why not spoil your furry companion and get them a great personalised gift to  celebrate National Pet Month? Keep Things Personal has everything from Dog Tags, Absorbent Towels, Pet Feeding Bowls, Treat Jars, Grooming Brushes and Lead Hooks, all personalised for your special little friend.

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