Prepare your child for the new academic year ahead

Prepare your child for the new academic year ahead - Keep Things Personal

The beginning of a new school year is an exciting time for teachers and students alike; some may be a little nervous to meet their new groups, but mostly they are filled with excitement!

With so many challenges and achievements ahead, going back to school is a time for celebration – especially for parents whose children constantly chanted “I’m bored!” over and over for the whole six weeks summer break. Parents and kids should be full of energy and renewed motivation to get back into the school routine.

Going to back to school with new supplies in hand is always a winner. Did you know that in Germany they have a very cool custom of sending their kids off to school with a Schultüte which means ‘school cone’; a generously sized and elaborately decorated cone filled with new school gear and a few special treats. You can buy ready-made ones or fill them yourself with some great new school supplies. This large cone, beautifully decorated and filled with toys, chocolate, sweets, school stationery, and various other special treats is certain to make this anxiously awaited first day back to school a little sweeter.

Here at Keep Things Personal, we have a great selection of back to school gifts to choose from. Start the day off with a favourite breakfast treat and some balloons; it’s a lovely way to make the start of a new school year more enjoyable. You may choose to do something different, such a present your child with a bigger gift to make the first day back to school more memorable.

We have a great range of gifts on our website including:

Dinosaur or Rocket wall clocks – if your child is learning to tell the time or you are encouraging their time management skills, then these personalised clocks are great for getting up and heading to school in plenty of time.

Gaming Back Pack for the little gamer in your life – these are great ice breakers when it comes to starting a conversation about which games are the best and gets some competition going!

Lunch times are made easy with our personalised bamboo lunch boxes – say goodbye to mixed up lunch confusion and say hello to a more eco-friendly and stylish way to enjoy a lunch break with new friends. 

We have so much more to offer including personalised pencil cases, colouring pencils, colouring sets in carry cases and aprons for cookery club! Check them all out here:

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