The benefits of bamboo as a plastic alternative for your family

The benefits of bamboo as a plastic alternative for your family - Keep Things Personal
Bamboo plates and cutlery sets for your little ones are a great way to ditch plastic and choose safer eco-friendly alternatives. We’ve done our research here at Keep Things Personal and we know that more and more young families are becoming more environmentally conscious.

So, let’s talk mealtimes! We’ve had a surge of interest in our bamboo plate and spoon sets for kids because parents are now more informed about the dangers of toxic plastic chemicals. Research shows that because children have less body mass and are developing rapidly, toxic chemicals in the things they put in their mouths are a concern; these can cause hormone disruption, attention span decrease and hyperactivity to name but a few.

Moving on to bamboo toddler plates and cutlery is a far safer and more sustainable alternative, boosting health and doing your bit for the planet at the same time.

Parents are using our great bamboo plate and spoon sets to overcome plastic use at home and when out and about, because of their construct and versatility. Softer and lightweight, they are pretty-much unbreakable, even for the most boisterous of eaters! A far safer alternative to fragile dinnerware which is a huge hazard if broken.

Our bamboo plate and spoon sets provide the durability, safety and portability you need when you need to feed your little ones at home or on the go – and they last longer than plastic alternatives so you don’t have to keep replacing them.

These super animal-themed bamboo plate and spoon sets are a great way to encourage your awkward little eaters to get stuck in to mealtimes in a more exciting and entertaining way. By replacing everyday kid-sized plastic kitchenware with our bamboo products, your mini munchers are helping our planet, making it a safer place for everyone. 

Is bamboo dishwasher and microwave safe?

You can put bamboo products in the dishwasher but we advise against it. Most bamboo products will last around 2 years but you can prolong its shelf-life by handwashing only. Using the heat, length of cycle and detergents in a dishwasher will affect all dinnerware materials eventually. The advantage of bamboo is that when it has come to the end of its life, it is biodegradable so can even go in your compost heap!

Microwaving bamboo won’t cause your microwave to explode, but it will weaken the binding that keeps its shape and reduce your dinnerware’s lifespan; any extreme heat can over-dry the natural fibres and cause the plate to crack. The simple solution is to heat your food in a glass separate dish and serve onto the bamboo plate.

We advise you keep your products out of the microwave and dishwasher; wipe-clean after use so that your plate and cutlery will last longer.

Make mealtimes more fun for your little ones, with our personalised bamboo plates and set of 3 spoons! We can even laser-engrave our bamboo plate and spoons sets so siblings don’t fight over ownership. Special keepsake messages are also a popular choice for gifts.

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