Why do Rocking Horses feature so heavily at Christmas time?

Why do Rocking Horses feature so heavily at Christmas time? - Keep Things Personal

When a young Victoria came to the English throne in 1837 at the tender age of 18, most pagan beliefs were banned, but when she married her beloved Albert, things changed. He brought many new traditions with him from Germany resulting in much fun and merriment - and as well as enjoying good food, adorning rooms with decorations and trimming Christmas trees, there was also gift giving of toys for the children. In those days most of the children’s toys were made from paper, tin or wood – and with wood being the strongest and standing the test of time, the rocking horse was introduced. 

The early model was a basic and crude horses head carved out and stuck on a stick for boys to mimic their fathers going off to hunt or to war. Soon after, seats and cradles were added to create the rocking horses we know and love today.

The oldest recorded rocking horse was owned by Charles I (c.1600) and was bought in 2006 by The Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood for £25,000. As a sickly child suffering from rickets, two footrests were added near the shoulders for his comfort, giving a more realistic look and feel to riding.

Nowadays, we will find little wooden rocking horse tree decorations, Christmas cracker and card designs, cake tin creations as well as an abundance of rocking horse gifts. Here at Keep Things Personal, we have an extra special touch with our personalised luxury silver grey Rocking Horse Christmas Santa Sacks!

This beautiful sack is made of the softest high-quality fleece adorned with a traditional rocking horse design and a pretty pom-pom drawstring to prevent all your Christmas gifts from tumbling out.

You can even add a personalised name of your choice, up to 12 characters in length, in a delightful script font which makes a wonderful keepsake and can be used year after year. These beautiful Rocking Horse Christmas Santa Sacks are ideal for the whole family.

Take a look at our Rocking Horse Christmas Santa Sacks here:


And, they’re off! Merry Christmas!

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