How To Attract Wild Birds of Britain

How To Attract Wild Birds of Britain - Keep Things Personal

“Feed The Birds…

…tuppance a bag.” Ok so sitting round St Paul’s Cathedral with a bag of crumbs for the pigeons probably isn’t practical right now but it was still a great film scene! If you want to do your bit for the birds without hopping on a train we have these five top tips for you.

❖ Adjust your feeding for the season.
Wondering what to feed wild birds during the Autumn/Winter when food & water is harder to come by? It is worth being a little more generous with your offerings, morning & late afternoon feeds of good quality food scraps are encouraged according to the RSPB. Then during the Spring & Summer less regular feeds are required but higher protein foods are needed to combat the moulting of feathers.

❖ Provide a lookout.
Natural lookout points such as trees & bushes are ideal spots for a bird to survey the area it intends to feed in. If there aren’t any available encourage feathered visitors by erecting a perch that offers a clear view of the feeding area.

❖ Provide Shelter.
Birdboxes or houses are a great way to encourage birds to your garden. Along with providing shelter from the elements, they keep bird food dry & provide a safe space from predators.

❖ Get noticed.
If you find birds are struggling to see where you have placed the shelter or bird feeder then scatter some of your bird seed on the ground in front. They will soon pick up the trail and find the source!

❖ Provide natural sources.
It’s not all about just putting food out, your garden can be a natural source of food all year round. Not only can plants like Holly provide plump, tasty berries in the winter, insects will also congregate under bushes. Providing an insect habit will mean a constant source of protein for your birds.

If you give these tips a go let us know how you get on and don’t forget February’s product of the month is a personalised birdbox, available now with 10% off.

How to attract wild birds of Britain into your garden


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