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Romantic Engraved Champagne Coupe Glass

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What better way to celebrate a special event than with a glass of fine Champagne!

When we celebrate a special occasion or a milestone, we usually pop the cork of something sparkling like a good Prosecco or Champagne. But did you know that the shape of the glass you drink from can indeed impact on the taste?

The wider bowl of the coupe glass allowes more aromas to escape from the wine’s surface, giving the drinker a greater appreciation of the Champagne’s complexity. So next time you’re celebrating a big occasion or a milestone with your partner, choose your glassware carefully! 

Our gorgeous champagne coupe glass is also engraved with your choice of romantic message to make the occasion even more special, wether it be an engagement, wedding or Valentines day. 

View our named champagne coupe glass here, a beautiful gift for a Champagne lover

Packaged in bubble wrap inside a sturdy box.

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